Sunday, January 26, 2014



I've set up an internet store where you can buy all of the zines that I have.
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Friday, November 29, 2013


Mould Map 3 — Comics for THIS present. The hippies had their utopia mags. Now what can WE make?

Mould Map is a Comics & Narrative Art anthology series, with a focus on precise editing and art direction paired with high material production values. A space for Challenging New Work.

The future smiles, so we smile back.

Cover Art by Julien Ceccaldi. Masthead Typography by Gabriel Kanulf.
A 224 Page / A4 & A5 / 9 Pantone colour collection featuring * ALL NEW WORK * from 35 leaders of contemporary narrative art:

Aidan Koch — Amalia Ulman — Angie Wang — Ben Mendelewicz — Blaise Larmee — Brenna Murphy — CF — Cody Cobb — Daniel Swan — Dmitry Sergeev — Gabriel Corbera — GHXYK2 — Hugh Frost — Jacob Ciocci — James Jarvis — Joseph Kelly — Jonas Delaborde — Jonathan Chandler — Jonny Negron — Julien Ceccaldi —Karn Piana — Kilian Eng — Lala Albert — Lando — Leon Sadler — Matthew Lock— Noel Freibert — Olivier Schrauwen — Robert Beatty — Sam Alden — Sammy Harkham — Simon Hanselmann — Stefan Sadler — Viktor Hachmang & Yuichi Yokoyama.

If you want one, you must pre-order it via the kickstarter!

Here is a peep of the comic I made for this.